Pilion …


The combination of tradition, nature, culture and history of Pilion offers

countless beautiful images, which worth the dedication of time and exploration…

Additionally, during your stay in Tsagarada, you will have the chance to visit many

beautiful places, and apart from this village, in the whole area of the east Pilion too…









The folk architecture of Pilion holds a unique place in the Greek architecture. The

manor houses of Pilion, captured by the green surroundings, are dispersed in plane

trees, cool streams, flowering slopes, steep winding cobbles, fragrant flower gardens

and lush gardens with dense vegetation…









Activities at the Area :

  • Hiking on stone paths
  • Ski during winter
  • Swim in the crystal clear waters of Aegean
  • You can taste the local sweets and marmalades
  • You can visit beautiful squares and churches
  • You can try the food in the taverns
  • Mountain Bike
  • You can watch local festives.


A lot of people prefer hiking as an activity now days. Pilion is the suitable place

with the rich forests and the stone paths. Best season for this activity is on early summer

or  early autumn when the temperature is lower. Most of the paths have signs.

As an alternative activity hiking can be combined with photographing, video capturing,

visiting at local churches or just exploring new areas.










The benefits on health are already known for many people in our days who prefer

hiking as a mild kind of tourism. We are giving you some links where you can find a

lot of information for Pelion paths